Everything You Need to Know about Wipes Plus Disinfecting Wipes

Woman wiping sweat with towelWhether it is a gym, and office, a school or any other place where a large number of people are, transmitting bacteria from one person to another is a problem.  Places like these can easily become breeding grounds for disease causing bacteria.  Regular hand washing is a great step, but it is not always enough, especially during the winter, when the bacteria and viruses that cause colds and flus are most active.  If everyone would wear masks and gloves at all times, that would certainly be effective but not terribly practical.  The ideal solution would be to kill bacteria on surfaces, before they have the chance to make anyone sick.  Antibacterial products can be effective in certain situations, but they come with the potential side effect of creating antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria.  WipesPlus disinfecting wipes kill bacteria using the disinfectant formula that is safe for humans but deadly to bacteria.

A Better Solution

WipesPlus disinfecting wipes are some of the most effective products of their type on the market; they are one of the best ways to safely clean and disinfect the surfaces and equipment in your gym or other facility.  Consider the benefits of WipesPlus disinfecting wipes:

  • Alcohol Free, Non-Drying Formula
  • Lint Free and Non-Abrasive
  • Fresh Lemon Scent
  • Safe to use on Plastics, Laminates, Metals, Plexiglas and Rubber
  • EPA Registered to eliminate the Influenza-A, H1N1, Staph, Salmonella, E-Coli and Herpes
  • Water Based Formula – Used Safely for Over 20 Years

No other cleaning wipes on the market can match WipesPlus disinfecting wipes.

Making It Easy

The best cleaning products in the world are useless if no one uses them.  The best thing about cleaning wipes is that they can be kept wherever they are needed.  You can slip a package into a desk drawer to keep them handy.  In a gym, you can set up a cleaning station to keep wipes and hand sanitizer close to your gym equipment so that your clients can use the wipes soon as they are finished on a machine.  If you make this a policy, your gym will be a cleaner, better smelling, healthier place.  That is something that everyone can appreciate.  In your office, killing bacteria can help keep everyone healthier, reduce the rate of absenteeism and improve productivity.  Very few products can truthfully claim to have all of these benefits.

Bacteria may be small, but they can cause big problems.  Between the potential for B.O. and the risk of medical problems, they have very few redeeming qualities.  Do not let bacteria become a problem for you.  After all, you are about a billion times their size; you should be the boss!  WipesPlus disinfecting wipes are your ally in the war against bacteria and viruses; start fighting and winning this battle today.

What “Antibacterial” Really Means with Antibacterial Hand Wipes

female musclesWhen you exercise, you get sweaty; unfortunately, unless you are planning to work out in the freezer, there is not much you can do about that.  Being sweaty is bad enough.  Even worse, when you get sweaty, your sweat gives the bacteria that naturally live on your skin have a warm, moist, nutrient rich environment where they can thrive.  This might be great for the bacteria, but it is not so great for you; when the bacteria on your skin thrive, they make you stink.  When you get a bunch of people all working out in an enclosed space like a gym, it does not take long for the smell of B.O. to get out of control.  If you want to get rid of the smell, you need to get rid of the bacteria.

Getting Rid of the Critters

Killing bacteria is a good thing, so antibacterial hand wipes must be good too, right?  Maybe they are not so good.  The problem is that antibacterial products may not eliminate all bacteria; they are actually not much more effective than regular soap.  The active ingredients in antibacterial hand wipes are similar to antibiotic medications; the bacteria that survive may develop resistance to the antibacterial substances over time.  Antibiotic resistant B.O. may seem like a comical problem, but when these so-called “super bugs” infect people, there can be serious medical problems that are difficult to treat and potentially life threatening.  So, if antibacterial products are not the answer, what is?

A Better Way

Disinfectant wipes and other disinfectant products work differently; they kill bacteria and viruses by chemically destroying them.  Bacteria may be tough, but they cannot easily develop resistance to this type of assault; it would be like you developing resistance to bullets.  (Superman, if you are reading this, I do not mean you.)

If you want to kill bacteria and keep your exercise area from smelling bad, it is not terribly difficult to do.  First, use disinfectant regularly on surfaces that get sweaty to kill surface bacteria.  One simple way to do this is by keeping disinfectant wipes close to exercise machines, where they are handy to use immediately after using the equipment.  The other step is to keep your body clean as well.  We will not go into details of how you should shower here; if you do not know how to bathe yourself, B.O. is not really your most pressing issue.  We will say this: there is no need to use special antibacterial soap; regular hand washing and showering with warm water and soap is enough.

Exercising is a really good thing to do.  It gets even better when you can exercise without smelling like you just got done exercising.  Antibacterial hand wipes are not the answer.  A little knowledge and the right products can make this dream a reality for you.

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